About us

Developments and investments

MS Vastgoed develops, transforms and operates real estate for its own portfolio. We are focussed on adding value and investing in residential real estate. In addition, the diversified portfolio consists of offices, business units and leisure.

We develop for the future

Our property portfolio is vibrant. With both existing real estate and new developments, we ensure that our properties are in line with contemporary norms and standards. Sustainability, aesthetics and quality are constantly maintained.

We serve our tenants

Client satisfaction is essential to us. Our aim is to make our services and housing products contribute to the well-being of our tenants.

Family-owned company

MS Vastgoed is originally a family-owned company. Its strength lies in our long-term perspective, family business culture, strong connection with the area we invest in and efficient decision-making.
Our ambition is to create a better living environment at various scales.


1982 - 2012

In the first thirty years of its history, MS Vastgoed concentrated on slowly building up its inner-city residential portfolio. Mostly consisting of flats and houses (also monumental ones) at the better locations in The Hague.

2012 - today

Around 2012, MS Vastgoed started to focus on project and area developments in the Netherlands. Since then, several new housing complexes have been completed and occupied.

Our philosophy

At MS Vastgoed, everything revolves around development. Not just developing real estate, but developing in a broader sense of the word.  We grow and refine. We deploy and create. We coach and learn from and with each other. All because we - our team, our tenants, partners and the organization - want to keep developing. We develop because we want to make a positive contribution to a better living environment. 

For us, a home is much more than an architectural work. It represents the physical basis from where people can also develop themselves and work toward a harmonious future. A foundation where people can live, rest, learn and be themselves. That foundation must be safe, sustainable, healthy and pleasant.... and that is exactly what we are focussing on.


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